Rules for the publication of vacancies
General Provisions
1. Term of placement

The term of placement for vacancies depends on the budget of the vacancy.
The maximum period of placement for a vacancy on the server is 60 calendar days.

2. Publication of the vacancy

The term "placement (publication) of a vacancy (announcement)" means the placement by the Customer of information in the database in order to find personnel.

3. Moderation of the vacancy

Each vacancy is moderated, if the vacancy is not in compliance with the rules listed below, the moderator may amend it or refuse to publish the vacancy in the Staya affiliate network.
The administration of the site reserves the right to refuse publication of the vacancy without explaining the reasons.

4. The content of the vacancy and description of the company

4.1 The content of all the fields of the vacancy form and company description must correspond to their name and purpose.
In the text of the vacancy and the description of the company, there should be no spelling and punctuation mistakes, as well as unnecessary abbreviations.
Using of profanity is prohibited.

4.2 The announcement should contain reliable, up-to-date information on one vacancy with a clear description.
It is not allowed to place two or more vacancies in one publication. For example: "Financial Analyst / Assistant to Financial Analyst". Such vacancies will be blocked by the moderation service.
As well as the duplication of the vacancy, including the publication of the same vacancy, indicating the different professional sectors;

4.3 In the text and illustration of the vacancy, publication of contact data and links to the electronic resources of the employing company is prohibited, for this purpose it is necessary to use the appropriate fields in the "Company" block.

4.4 It is prohibited to place information that is contrary to the law, as well as announcements offering work in the following areas:
- gambling and entertainment, selling goods for adults (sex shops, etc.);
- financial pyramids;
- religious sects, occult and erotic services;
- writing diploma, course, control, etc. Works;
- Network marketing, direct sales.

4.5 Advertising of goods and services is prohibited

5. Terms of payment

Payment is made by a bank card or on an invoice at the discretion of the Customer. When paying on an invoice, a vacancy on the site will appear immediately. The invoice must be paid within 10 days.
Payment with plastic cards on our website is effected through the Stripe payment system. In Stripe, payment security is ensured by using an SSL protocol to transfer confidential information from the client to the Stripe server for further processing.
Further transfer of information is carried out through closed banking networks.
Processing of the received confidential data of the client (card details, registration data, etc.) is made in the processing center. Thus, no one, not even the seller, can get personal and bank data of the client.