Terms of payment
Do you have questions about the terms of payment and their value? Collected for you the answers to the most important of them in one place.
Social networks and profile groups became a convenient and affordable tool for finding like-minded people with clear advantages. For this reason, many HR-managers use them to find employees who are immersed in their sphere and truly in love with their profession.
By placing vacancies on our site, you can count on a large number of responses from the professionals of your business, interested in development and constant career growth.

Thanks to a large number of partners, on whose pages and groups we will post your vacancies, you can easily find a specialist for your unique tasks!
Recently, we have entered into force new rules for placement and payment
Now you can determine the budget of placement by yourself
The cost of placement you determine by yourself depending on the desired coverage. Calculation of the potential coverage of applicants is displayed when a vacancy is editing. Money is written off for unique views.

Each unique job search in Moscow and St. Petersburg will cost 10 rubles, in the CIS 7 rubles, in the regions of Russia 6 rubles, outside the CIS 50 rubles.
When you post a vacancy, you'll immediately see an approximate forecast
When you're editing the amount in the budget editing field, you can immediately see the approximate coverage of your placement. Changing it, respectively, will change the number of unique views, which will allow you to spend your money rationally.

The recommended budget is 4500 rub. So, you get the optimal number of views and responses. Minimal budjet form 1000 rub.
Terms of payment
Payment can be made by bank card or on the invoice - choose the variant convenient for you. If you pay by the account, the vacancy will appear immediately. The invoice will have to be paid within 10 days.

Our clients also have a credit limit, which is 5000 rubles. The account you requested must be paid within 10 days.
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