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Staya.vc - hunting for professionals in their habitats
We place clients vacancy wherever the future employees study their professions, read professional news and communicate
Professional sites that are regularly visited by applicants in search of instructions, news and tips.
Social networks
Thematic communities in social networks.
Recently, they have become almost more popular than professional sites.
Thematic chats, in which we can find many people too.
How it works
Our bots work on electricity.
Site owners and community moderators receive income from placing our vacancies, so it's beneficial for them to share with us an audience.
Professional sites owners
Earn by placing our vacancies.
For their convenience, we made the designer section "Jobs", as well as widgets - to scroll through your vacancies on regular pages.
So their audience becomes ours.
Communities in social networks
Group moderators post jobs using our news posting system. And yes, they also make money on this.
By the way, vacancies are shown not on the fields (as usual advertising) but in the tape - along with the usual posts.
Due to this, vacancies attract more responses than field advertising and are not cut out by Ad blockers.
Messengers and chats
In messengers there is a Staya-bot, which periodically tells about new vacancies from the required category.
Applicants see your vacancy in short form (300 symbols and main data: city, company industry, job title). Interested candidates open the full vacancy option. You pay only for such vacancy opening.

Each unique job search in Moscow and St. Petersburg will cost 0.17$, in the CIS 0.12$, in the regions of Russia 0.1$, outside the CIS 0.87$.
We already have more than 100 sites:
Reach the audience
250 000
CG and Animation
3 290 000
IT and Programming
130 000
PR amd Marketing
95 000
Film and TV
150 000
100 000
The largest companies find their employees with our help
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