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Staya is a new solution for your HR needs. Our recruiting IT-platform helps you save money in your search for the top specialists in chosen area.
We place your jobs on the best professional platforms
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Staya is here with a brand-new solution for your HR needs. Our recruiting IT platform will help you save money in your search for the top specialists in your area.
Our widgets are shown on websites and groups of different professional fields, including close specializations. It allows us to show your vacancy to the big amount of suitable candidates
IT and programming
3 290 000
Computer graphics and animation
250 000
Marketing and PR
130 000
100 000
Film and TV industry specialists
95 000

We have automated the targeting process, and now in order to start looking for your ideal candidate you only need to specify candidate`s professional area and your company`s industry.
As soon as you post a vacancy it appears on all target platforms.
Every day a huge number of job seekers are exposed to our vacancies. Vacancies are shown to applicants:

— on the partner vacancies sections
— on the widgets of partner sites
— in the social groups of partners
— in the chat rooms and messengers
— in mailings by subscribers
The cost of the vacancy you define yourself depends on the desired audience coverage. Calculation of the potential coverage of applicants is displayed when a vacancy is published.

Applicants see your vacancy in short form (300 symbols and main data: city, company industry, job title). Interested candidates open the full vacancy option. You pay only for such vacancy opening.
Each unique job opening in Moscow and St. Petersburg will cost 0.17$, in the CIS 0.12$, in the regions of Russia 0.1$, outside the CIS 0.87$.

You can pay using a bank card or select the option that suits you best based on the invoice. If you choose to pay by invoice, a job will promote after we recieve the money.
100 platforms already with us:
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Earn money with Staya
Staya offers a complete white-label solution and transparent monetization mechanisms
Our modern pace of life and current economic climate force us to move faster and act more efficiently every day. Your website's visitors come to you for interesting and useful content, but you can give them even more. Show them potential new career opportunities and earn money along the way.

We would like to offer you the chance to integrate the Staya widget with your website, open the page with vacancies and get back a percentage of candidate earnings. It's easy to adapt the widget and the page itself to match your website's design. You can customize HTML, CSS, fonts, etc.
Our technology also automatically posts all new vacancies on your company's page on Facebook and Vkontakte
In order to meet the demands of your specific audience, we target all vacancies using four criteria: industry, professional area, location and work format (remote or office-based).

Platforms are paid 60% of the client's payment. All payments are made to partners on a monthly basis. Funds are distributed among platforms depending on the number of views and responses to vacancies.
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